Sunday, July 21, 2013

5 Lessons I Learned On Commitment From Rocky Balboa

The past few weeks I have spent a number of days in intense meetings with a company that I am involved in. It is inspiring to see the leadership’s commitment to ensure that the company is successful in the future. One of the highlights for me was the passion they have to make sure people are growing and being challenged to be the best they can be at their job. It was not just talk but they are putting together action plans so that individuals have the support and mentoring they need in order to be successful.

As I reflected on the past few weeks I could not help think of the great Rocky Balboa (2006) speech he gave his son. Everyone loves to win but only winners love the process. It's exactly about how you come back, how you deal with failures, because a person who is truly trying to succeed will always have more failures than successes.

Here are the 5 Lessons I learned from Rocky's speech on commitment:

Don't Stop Being You
Somewhere along the line in my career and personal life I pushed myself so hard toward success that I forgot how to be me. When failure struck I allowed people and the things of this world to beat me. I started scrambling and struggled to do my best to make everyone happy. Don't stop being you because somewhere the YOU and your talents will find happiness.

Stop Looking for Someone to Blame
This can be so much of a distraction and a slippery slope. Get up every day and work on how YOU can improve and be better. At the end of the day, reflect on the wins and failures and make the next day even better.

Keep Moving Forward
We have all heard of the phrase “roll with the punches”. The key to overcoming adversity is to take the punches, forgive yourself and others and become flexible when dealing with difficult issues.

Take the Hits
You are either in or you are out. If you are 100% committed to something and willing to take what life throws at you, eventually you will win and become the person you’re supposed to be.

Believe in Yourself
The fact is no one believes more in yourself than YOU do. Get up everyday believing that you are working toward achieving your goals and win.

Here's the clip from the movie if you have never seen it before...enjoy.