Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Helping to release people to their highest potential.

Why the MENTOR+ project?

Greg Johnston, M+ 
Becoming successful at anything takes dedication and hard work, but even then sometimes it helps to have guidance from others who have been there - people who have achieved the things you want to achieve.

Through his own personal and professional journey to find success, Greg Johnston has truly come to understand the importance of positive intentional mentoring relationships. Looking back, when Greg needed the support of others who could relate to his issues, provide answers to his questions, or just offer wisdom to help him get to the place he wanted to go, Greg found solutions from his mentors... a advocate... a Champion!

So, Greg thought to himself, “Why shouldn't everyone be able to find the support of a mentor(s)?” This led Greg to create The Mentor+ Project – a disruptive social online community that matches mentors with mentees through a truly innovative social networking platform that is professional and informative, while also being simple and fun to use! "It is unlike any other mentoring platforms out there today."

Whether you feel that you are the mentor someone could be looking for or the potential mentee who is seeking knowledge from others, you need to visit The MENTOR+ project and become a member! Sign-up today so that we can keep you updated on our upcoming BETA launch and any other future developments. As an added incentive over the next while we will be holding contests that will be open to all the members or followers.Winners will receive prizes that could even include a special introduction to our Mentor Mogul.

Join us in the journey it's going to be AMAZING!